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Session of Elders

First Presbyterian, in accordance with PC(USA) procedure, is governed by a Session of Elders. The Elders are elected and ordained by the congregation to serve as representatives for the church. 

First Presbyterian Church of Topeka
Session of Elders
Sandra Brown; Clerk of Session: Melanie McQuere; Treasurer: Roger Basinger; Commissioned Associate Pastor: Pat Yancey

Class of 2022
Bruce Cooper
Gary Nantz
Norma Pettijohn
Marty Snyder

Class of 2023
Phi Baker
Leah Gabler-Marshall
Walter Menninger
Ellen Townsend

Class of 2024
John Conlee
John Dorsey
Jerry Foster
Anita Jacoby


The Deacons at First Presbyterian are charged with ministries of care, witness and service by participating in activities that provide one-on-one contact, prayer, and fellowship. They provide support and Christian love by communicating with members regularly to build community, share church information, ascertain needs, and lend support and assistance.

First Presbyterian Church of Topeka
Susan Rowell; Vice Moderator: Jeff Gustin; Secretary: Hank Ernst

Class of 2022
Kevin Kersting
Julie Lady
Mary Nichols
Kathy Pauls
Susan Rowell

Class of 2023
Pam Carmichael
John Gould
Jeff Gustin
Claudia Perney
Warren Watson

Class of 2024
Andrea Conlee
Hank Ernst
Jason Fish
Gayle Hunter
Julie Jenson