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Noah’s Ark

Noah's Ark Sensory Room

Valuing the beautiful and energetic presence of children in church, First Presbyterian Church of Topeka has a sensory room, Noah’s Ark, for children and youth to utilize should they experience a meltdown, are over stimulated, or simply need a break. The sensory room, located in the Children’s Library, is designed so children can self-regulate or calm down and then return to the classroom or church service ready to learn.

A parent, grandparent, or guardian should accompany children to the sensory room. When possible, the room is staffed with a volunteer who has undergone certification and a background check through Safe Gatherings.* If a volunteer is present, the child can remain without a parent or guardian. Noah’s Ark is not a nursery and is not suitable for infants. 

The room features low lighting, soft music, calming bottles, sensory boxes, learning bags, stress balls, exercise ball, puzzles, board games and a reading corner.

Sensory rooms have been added to schools, churches and other learning centers with much success, and with Noah’s Ark, FPC is striving to adhere to similar high standards of meeting behavioral and emotional needs of children and youth.

*Safe Gatherings is a biblically-based boundary-awareness and abuse-prevention program developed to certify volunteer workers, staff and clergy, enabling them to work with children.